The Most-traveled Woman in America?

travel to 95 countries

From The Economist - Hillary's travels

Do you know of anyone who has traveled to 95 countries since the beginning of 2009?

There is one, and it’s all been well-documented. No, she’s not writing a book about some frantic attempt to land in half the world’s nations in under four years. And no, she doesn’t work on cruise ships or an airline.┬áBut many of her stops have been as short as they would be for someone who did one of those two things.

It’s because the woman who achieved this feat is the U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. That’s her travel map since Obama took office in January, 2009.

The article in The Economist that this comes from is only presenting it to show how hard she has worked to mend troubled relations after the Bush years and meet with world leaders in places that aren’t just strategic allies or enemies. Sure, some of these stops were just jet in/jet out meetings and photo ops, but it’s got to be a good thing in the end for one of the world’s most powerful diplomats to get views from multiple sides of the world.

It seems to be assumed that she’ll give up this hectic job if Obama wins again, though Democrats are hopeful she’ll be on the ticket as Vice President, ensuring all those currently angry women will have even more incentive to get out and vote.

But my question is, how many passports has she been through? I guess she doesn’t have to pay extra like we do to get them expedited…

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