Friday Travel Tidbits – Daylight Savings Edition

It’s not even Spring yet, but you have to set your clock forward an hour on Sunday if you live in most of the USA. This early start (and late finish in Autumn) is a remnant from the G.W. Bush era. It was pushed as an energy saver (hasn’t worked), but was almost surely lobbied through by the golf and tourism industries. To the detriment of parents with school-aged kids everywhere…

But this post is not a rant. Just a collection of useful and entertaining stuff to read over the weekend in case it’s not warm enough to be outside enjoying life where you live.

If you want to get somewhere else on the cheap, Budget Travel has a great rundown on the six best budget bus lines in the United States. These serve a defined area of population centers, so think New York to Boston, not Kansas City to Boise.

Here’s another reason to be annoyed with cruise ships: not one of the lines thought of as American companies pays a cent in U.S. corporate taxes.

I’ve written before about the dangers of being cheap to the point of ridiculous when traveling and BootsnAll generated a hot debate on the subject with this article on cheap vs. budget travel. I like the elegant follow-up on the Vagabonding blog though, from a long-term traveler who gets by on $10 a day by going slower and integrating more with the locals.

Barbara at Hole in the Doughnut has a good rundown on Cusco, Peru at different budget levels, including a $10 a night hotel and two vegetarian restaurants. More importantly, there’s current information on Machu Picchu and Peru Rail that’s probably more reliable than what most guidebooks have in them right now. There have been some changes at both in how/why you get advance tickets.

Want to know what it’s like to climb a volcano in Sumatra, Indonesia? You can see the story and photos on the Vagabonding Life blog by following that link. I actually did this hike many years ago and it’s not a very hard one—so a good place to do your first one to see if you like the experience.

Here’s an article I did for ExpertFlyer on places where the dollar exchange rate is constant.

Should a cough drop be lecturing you to suck it up and quit your whining just because you’re sick? Halls apparently thinks so with the motivational text on their wrappers.


  1. gary

    Tim, I am astounded that there’s actually an article worth reading in Budget Travel.


    • tim

      Sometimes there are some good nuggets in there. Occasionally even one that doesn’t have a number, “top,” or “best” in the title!

  2. Chris

    There are some great links here. That volcano climb sounds amazing. I like the article on cheap vs. budget travel–a very fine distinction.

  3. Ken

    Cheap v.s. Budget travel that is something I think you should really expand upon. There a re so many establishments that call themselves budget that are down right unsanitary or worse (yes worse is possible). I have often found myself in a situation where the only way to get a budget a accommodation is to look for a good deal at the high end hotels. Sometimes you get a bargain.

  4. Shamis

    Great article. I would love to climb a Volcano in Indonesia for sure :)

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