Best Travel Blog (This One)

Sometimes this Cheapest Destinations Blog gets picked in some readers poll or an individual writer gives me a shout-out. But for the second year in a row I’ve been named one of the top travel blogs by the North American Travel Journalists Association. This one’s judged on writing and usefulness, not just how many people you can persuade to vote for you, so it means something.

Last year I got a silver, this year I got…the GOLD!

Here’s how it played out, in good company:

Category: Travel Blog

Thanks to everyone who has been reading, subscribing, tweeting, whatever. Especially those who were around when I launched this thing, back in the blogging stone age of 2003.

And proving that when it rains it pours, Perceptive Travel positively cleaned up. It won a Silver for Best Travel Journalism Site (behind some obscure pub called and three of the individual writers won prizes for stories, including a Gold for me and for Amy Rosen.


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