At Post #997, This Blog Rocks

This Cheapest Destinations Blog was cranking before most of the ten bazillion travel blogs out there now were even conceived, so I’m proud to report that it just won a Silver award for Best Independent Blog from NATJA.

That stands for the North American Travel Journalists Association and I’ve got a long history of racking up writing awards from there, but this is the first time my blog has gotten a prize.

I’m one degree of separation from the Gold winner too–The Vacation Gals—because Kara Williams is one of my reviewers at Practical Travel Gear. Both her and contributor Jennifer Miner appear in my Travel Writing 2.0 book.

I did come away with a Gold as well, for a Transitions Abroad article I wrote last year. Man vs. Man: Saving the Galapagos. Then I won a silver for another Galapagos article in Global Traveler magazine and a silver for this Perceptive Travel story – Two Wheels, Two Drinks: Biking Through America’s Heartland.

Perceptive Travel also scored a Gold for Amy Rosen’s story, One Upon a Time in Vienna.

As always, thanks for your support, and thanks for reading a fraction of the 996 posts that came before this on the Cheapest Destinations Blog. Subscribe here and you won’t miss any more.

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