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I’m busy getting the 3rd annual Remarkable Photo Contest ready to launch this weekend on Perceptive Travel, so here’s some useful travel info from elsewhere to make this a week of being wiser.

8 things you should know about Gore-tex (that I didn’t until two weeks ago).

The fine print on credit cards keeps getting worse and worse, while Delta and American Airlines are still leaving passengers stranded on the tarmac for four+ hours.

Christopher Baker, who has researched the Moon Handbook Costa Rica for an amazing two decades now, talks about where things are for travelers in Costa Rica.

Arthur Frommer explains why, because of all the piled-on taxes and fees, you’re better off getting an air and hotel package combined if you’re flying to Europe. This is sometimes true in the U.S. too: I just scored an American Airlines air and hotel package to Las Vegas for only $20 more than the flight ticket by itself would have cost on the same airline—and less than the ticket by itself was on Southwest. (And no, I won’t be checking a bag and paying American that extra fee.)

Rick Steves is not sold on electronic guidebooks…at least in their current form anyway.

I was one of the 437 people participating in the annual National Geographic Sustainability Survey. Tops on the list: Norways Fjords. Worst: Spain’s Costa del Concrete. Most of the bottom-rated places got that way from unchecked development and little care for the environment, like Sharm-el-Sheik in Egypt and Los Cabos in Mexico.

Who says you have to be young and single to be a vagabond? NYT’s Frugal Traveler interviews a nomadic family (SoulTravelers3–occasional readers of this blog) who has been on the road since 2006.

And a bonus: here’s a code for free in-flight Internet via Gogo Inflight.

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