My Guanajuato Home Base

Since I’m halfway through my month of kicking back in Guanajuato, Mexico with my family, I suppose it’s time to talk about where I’ve been logging in from.

Since I have worked myself into a job that’s portable, I am spending a tad more than six weeks in Mexico and a tad less than two weeks in Belize. I’m currently in one of my favorite cities on the planet: Guanajuato. I’ll run some pics and details from this fine city later should you happen to travel through at some point, but we rented an apartment here for a month so I am feeling like a semi-resident. The butcher a block from our house debones the chicken and flattens the breasts with a mallet. We can walk one direction to the flour tortilla shop, or the other direction to the corn tortilla shop (10 pesos a kilo—about 75 cents.) The open-air market is about a 10-minute walk away, the supermarket about 15 minutes. Since everything is curvy and hilly here, we’re all getting plenty of exercise.

We’re taking Spanish classes at Escuala Mexicana, which is literally around the corner from where we sleep. It’ll be a long while before I’m fluent, but I am sounding less ignorant each week anyway.

The pictures here are, in order, the view from our roof deck, the entrance to our pad, and the street we’re off of which leads to the school. It’s pedestrian-only, as most of them are once you start going up the hills. Much of the traffic is diverted to tunnels that run under the city—a great concept. I’m going to be sad to leave.

  1. Mike

    Unfortunately it looks like the weather is horrible.

    That first shot is gorgeous!

  2. tim

    No, weather in Guanajuato is some of the best on Earth. We’ve only had one overcast day. It’s so pleasant that nobody has air conditioning. It’s in the 60s (F) at night. It almost always looks like the top photo except for an occasional shower now that it’s “rainy season”–which is a relative term here.

  3. Kara

    I want your life. Or I want my husband to find a portable job.

  4. Tracy

    I am a Spanish teacher. I am going to Guanajuato in about two weeks for three weeks. I just need a studio apartment. I’ve check various websites with little success and sometimes no response. Got any ideas?

  5. tim

    Tracy – we found an apartment through, but if I had it to do all over again I’d try the language school first where we booked classes. They have lots of landlord contacts in the area and some of the students we’ve met are paying less than we are for a comparable apartment. The homestay options are really reasonable too if you want to use your Spanish more and the hotels/hostels are half-empty this year, so you could try striking a deal with one of them too.

  6. Beijinger

    Hi , Tim , can you tell me too? What can I do first when I am in Guanajuato ? Because I am planning to go this place next month . my first priority there, maybe a good accommodation or hotel . I will need a single well-decorated and comfortable room . that is my all concern . So tell me some tips about that it will be greatly appreciated

  7. tim

    Bejinger, I assume you will have some kind of guidebook with you for that. I’m in an apartment. But I do know that all the hotels everywhere in Mexico are hurting for business and this town is no exception. All of them are open to bargaining right now and it’s pretty easy to find a decent single room for $25 or less. I’m in Zacatecas right now and am in a 920 peso room right in the center for 500 (about $37). That’s with TV, phone, Wi-Fi, towels and toiletries, king bed, and maid service. I’m on an assignment and need to get some writing done, so being a big spender…

  8. en leon guanajuato

    Amazing city, isn’t it? the best way to move is walking, you’ll get a good physical condition. And how is your spanish this days? estas listo para el festival cervantino en octubre? Greetings from Leon.

  9. Roberta

    I attended Escuela Mexicana in Guanajuato in March of this year for two weeks and LOVED it. It is a beautiful, interesting and welcoming city full of friendly people.

  10. Roam2Rome

    How lovely!

    I spent a year in this town, lived a block from the University steps.

    So nice. Dancing in Guanajuato Grill, working out in Guanajuato Gym… yea, your post brings back memories. Enjoy!!!!

  11. Kath Hansen

    Just catching up on your blog and delighted to see you’re spending a month in glorious Guanajuato! Definitely a good workout with all those hills! Have you been in touch with Alex’s sister? She may be a good resource for you while you’re there (she lived there for a year).

  12. Leon Mexico

    Have you met the internationally well known mummies? I remember the first time I saw them many years ago, there were no glasses to protect them, you could even touch them. Spooky!!!

  13. tim

    Yes, we checked out the mummies of course. I’m thinking of putting some of the photos on a post but don’t want to ruin peoples’ lunch…

  14. Millie Bortin

    Thanks for promoting this beautiful city. I’ve already used your website to convince a friend to go to Guanajuato instead of San Miguel de Allende. The tunnels and Don Quixote museum there are fantastic, and you feel very safe there because of all the people out strolling around the streets and plazas at night. I’m glad you didn’t emphasize the mummies as Guanajuato has many other charms.

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