How to Not Go Broke in Europe This Summer

If you’re near a newsstand this month, pick up a copy of Budget Travel magazine, where I’ve got a nice two-page spread with tips on how to still find a bargain there. The print version is far easier on the eyes (and has lots of other good articles and photos throughout), but you can settle for the online version here: Stretching the Dollar in Europe.

The thing is, every time I do a magazine article like this there is a lot of material that gets left out when it comes time for editing. Attention spans, ad page ratios, and the content of the magazine’s past issues all come into play. So over the next couple posts I’ll throw out some more good tips on how to avoid getting fleeced if you are planning on touring the Old Country this year.

Meanwhile, follow the link above for info on freebies, cheap train tickets, and which tourism sites are budget-travel-friendly.

[Update – here are the other two posts that followed]

Elusive European Travel Bargains Part 2

Elusive European Travel Bargains Part 3

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