Sigh…Time to Avoid Kathmandu Again

Trekking in NepalIt’s not exactly front-page news in most parts of the world, but big trouble is brewing in Nepal’s capital of Kathmandu again. Pity the poor traveler who isn’t paying attention, for wandering about after curfew time could result in getting shot by police.

This isn’t some random flare-up of course. Things have been dicey for quite a while in Nepal. It’s especially upsetting to me as this has always been near the top of my list when I get the inevitable question about my favorite places in the world. I did a three-week Annapurna Circuit trek when things were calmer and that will always be one of my travel highlights.

What it boils down to is there’s a king nobody likes, a violent Maoist opposition that nobody likes, and a few cool heads in the middle that are starting to speak up and march in protest. Unless a leader emerges who can unite these factions, it could get a lot more ugly before it gets settled. If you want to hike the Himilayas, India is looking like a better bet these days…

  1. Emily

    Hello, I don’t have a comment on this particular article, but I just read an older article of yours titled, The Cheapest Places to Live Part 2, from 2005, and it no longer allows comments… I guess I’m a little late, haha. I live in the US and am interested in moving abroad. I’m not sure where to yet, but Mexico really appeals to me, for more reasons than one but I could really use some insight on certain areas, and other things in order to make my choice to move a wise one. Also the fact that I’m 19 and plan on attending med school and holding a job, puts a twist on things :) I would appreciate ANY advice, but preferably from someone who lives/ has lived somewhere other than the US. Thanks!

  2. Tim L.

    Emily, I’ll e-mail you off list, but for anyone else who has this same question, there are several great resources out there to guide you on your way. Scroll down to the “Living” section on this page:


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